When you have a pest problem, you want to know that you are going to get the professional service that you deserve from exterminators in Indiana. You expect the best, and you need your pest problem taken care of quickly and efficiently. Our Indianapolis exterminators are very proud to have been serving your area for three years. With twenty-three years in the industry, it is no wonder that our Indiana exterminators are #1 in customer satisfaction.

Our pest control specialists will provide you with personalized and friendly service. We realize that your home is your greatest possession, and we will treat it and protect it- guaranteed! As a family owned and operated business, our exterminators in Indiana truly understand the impact that a friendly professional can make. We make it our business to serve your family, and your home, the way we’d treat our own.

How We Got Started

In 2018, Pro-Tech Pest Control,  Inc. was founded by Kevin Perkins. As the owner, he simply bought a truck and went to work! Now 3 years later with 33 years in the industry, Kevin has built his company from the ground up, and holds all of his employees to the highest standards. Here at Pro-Tech Pest Control Inc. we do everything  possible to make our customers happy! We are backed by highly experienced and trained professionals who have a vast knowledge of the  pest control industry.

How We Operate

When associates arrive at your property to perform services, they will be prompt, professional and resolve your problems. In today’s world we realize that a lot of times pest control services are a convenience to customers not a necessity and therefore it is our goal to consistently service you at a time and in a manner that is satisfactory to make you happy and satisfied with our pest control services.

Where Are We Now?

We know that Pro-Tech Pest Control Inc. is only as good as our technicians who perform your service. Rest assured, our technicians are trained, ready, willing and highly competent. We are professionals and we are at your service! Our goal is to do whatever it takes to make our customers happy. All of our service technicians have gone through extensive background checks and are trained with continuing education. All Pro-Tech Pest Control Inc.’s technicians are certified by the (OPM) Office of Pest Control in Indiana to perform pest control services.

Where Are We Going?

In our world, you can be guaranteed that constant change will occur as innovation and development sharpens our strategies using effective methods, materials, tactics and techniques to deliver our customers the service they deserve and have come to expect. Our mission is to keep up with the fast pace of our technology deployments. Pro-Tech Pest Control, Inc., will always keep our focus on the time tested proven ingredient for success. Do what it takes to make the customer happy, Always!

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